Have you ever really allowed yourself to melt reward yourself for everything you do for tell yourself 'I am worth it'. It is time for you to experience this exercise in self satisfaction...allow yourself to succumb to a skilled therapist as they massage away the tension, tightness, knots in your shoulders...relieve the stress, restore the energy! A massage can do wonders for your body and soul...

The easiest way to increase your energy! Your therapist will focus on the area where physical and emotional stress most often manifests itself. Perfect for after work or lunch hour!
30 minutes
This Sewickley Spa exclusive treatment has become one of our most requested treatments. Ideal for those who spend prolonged periods of time carrying heavy loads, such as children, brief cases, and yes...desk dwellers. Your therapist seeks the knot-like spasms, and releases the muscle tension that occurs along the spinal cord. The restored sense of energy and well being afterwards is priceless.
25 minutes
Enjoy the luxury of relaxing strokes and stress reduction. The Swedish massage is perfect for tired, stressed bodies. Stimulate your circulation and flush the lymphatic system while cradled in the warmth of your technicians skilled hands.
50 minutes $130, 75 minutes
This intense massage includes trigger point therapy, and deep pressure along the muscle striations. Not recommended for the discomfort-intolerant individual. This treatment does not include facial or scalp massage.
45 minutes
If you love to play hard, this is the massage for you. Core muscle group stretching, deep muscle massage and trigger points addressed. This massage is recommended only for people in rigorous sports training programs.
50 minutes
Imagine your are in a field of lavender, your senses are overtaken with the heady aroma which lulls you into your very own paradise. The aromatherapy amplifies your personalized massage, infusing the treatment with essential oils to promote well being. Peppermint or Eucalyptus for energy, Lavender or Ylang Ylang for calming. Clove for an exotic escape, seasonal oils available upon request.
50 minutes
During pregnancy, especially the final months, there is no escape from the pressure on your lower back, legs, ankles and feet. Even your hands swell daily. Every woman appreciates the intense pampering, focusing on stressed areas that are undergoing changes from the growth hormones released during pregnancy. Fabulous!! please check with your doctor before scheduling your pregnancy massage.
50 minutes
Using Earth energy, raw basalt stones help heal and soothe taut and fatigued muscles. The warmth radiates deep into the muscle, as the soothing, heated stones rest on your core muscle groups. The Sewickley Spa performs Hot Stone Massage in the traditional way of placing stones in various patterns on muscle groups. This is not a massage performed with hot stones in hand.
50 minutes
Share a relaxing Swedish Massage with a partner or friend performed in a room just for two. 50 minutes. Enjoy the couples luxury a little longer...75 minutes $260
50 minutes


Why forget your back, legs and arms during a facial treatment? Once you are there, you usually wish you had scheduled a massage. Enjoy the whole body pampering experience, without spending the day. Swedish strokes for your legs, feet, hands, arms and back leave you feeling completely refreshed.
30 minutes when added to any full facial or body therapy.
Added to any full facial, nail or body treatment, the Hands and Arms Treatment and Massage is a way to enhance your spa visit, specializing in releiving the stress in hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. 25 minutes
30 minutes
Added to any full facial, pedicure or body treatment, the Feet and Legs Treatment and Massage also enhance your spa visit, focusing on the foot, ankle, calf, knee and thigh area. 25 minutes
30 minutes