Body Therapies

This cocoon of nature combines a synergistic blend of pure minerals and sea extracts to nourish, soften and tone the skin. Detoxifying agents aide in purifying the body. You are wrapped from head to foot, while your head and face are massaged.
Awaken your skin, renew it's youthful and glowing appearance. Dead sea salts massage away skin impurities and imperfections. Leaves skin polished, bright and nourished from the mineral base. Shaving not recommended before this treatment.
For instantly smoother looking, tighter, less dimpled skin, this is the treatment. Your body is wrapped, using ancient Egyptian techniques, while your head and face are massaged. The metabolism speeds up, releasing waste, excess fluids and toxins. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided for 48 hours after this treatment.
The Ultimate Indulgence for your body. Your body is swaddled in warm paraffin and cotton, then wrapped like a baby, completely soothing your skin and the senses. Your head and face are massaged as you drift off....highly recommended for those who want to experience the gracious bliss of luxury. Perfect for dry parched skin.
There is nothing sexier than the glow of a tan, but no one wants the dehydration and dangers that accompany an afternoon in the sun. Now you can maintain your skins elasticity, and have that sun-kissed look. Bronzing begins with an exfoliating scrub to remove dead cells, bronzer application and lesson, and includes a take home professional grade spray-on bronzer for touch-ups during the season. The color is enhanced over a 24 hour period after the initial application. Remember to wear sun screen every day!